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How can I upgrade or downgrade my subscription to a different plan?

Last Updated: May 05, 2011 09:45PM EDT
<div><p>To do this you must be <strong>logged in as the Account Owner</strong>, and then <strong>click on Account</strong> in the upper right of your store admin. Use the upgrade links beside the plan you wish to switch to. Note: Your account assets must match the plan you are switching to, example if you have 200 SKUs and the plan you wish to switch to only allows 100 you must remove enough SKUs to qualify for that plan.</p> <p><strong>Overview of plan selection screen</strong> <img src="http://s3.amazonaws.com/entp-tender-production/assets/560159fa7aea58830d927ccc1f622f9c14dd2430/upgradedowngrade_normal.png" alt="upgradedowngrade.png"/></p> <p>At the time you upgrade or downgrade, an invoice is generated automatically to close the current billing cycle. That invoice is prorated: it will likely amount to less than what you have paid before for a full month of subscription. A new billing cycle begins on the new plan with a new subscription fee.</p></div>

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