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Last Updated: Aug 12, 2010 04:13PM EDT

We are offering FREE Quran copies.
Give us your address and we will ship you a copy free of charge!

Email us at FreeQuranCopy@gmail.com OR call/text (306) 541-0775

For an electronic copy of the Quran, please refer to the links bellow:

PDF format:

Arabic Recitation with English Translation:

The Quran is the EXACT word of God that was revealed to His Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) and is recited as an act of worship.

The Holy Quran has been preserved 100% in the original language (Arabic) for over 1,400 years! God Himself will keep its text safe from alteration. He, the Almighty, says: ʾʾBehold, it is We Ourselves who have gradually revealed this reminder, and, behold, it is We who shall truly guard it (from all corruption).ʾʾ [Quran 15:9]

The Quran contains no additions. It remains today - letter for letter - as it was revealed over 1400 years ago -- nothing added, nothing taken away.
Two of the original manuscripts of the Quran written 1400 years ago still exist today. One is in the Topkapi Saray Museum in Istanbul, Turkey, and the other in Tashkent, Russia. Both of these are identical in content with the Quran available all over the world today.

In fact, more than 10 million people living today (mostly non-Arabs) have memorized the Quran in the Arabic language word by word, from cover to cover! God tells us how He made the Quran easy to memorize when he says, ʾʾAnd in truth We have made the Quran easy to remember; who, then, is willing to take it to heart?ʾʾ [Quran 54:17]

This Divine Miracle (the Quran) brings light and gives certainty; it is the strong rope and the path of the righteous. It tells us stories of some nations who came before us, and stories of Prophets and righteous people. It tells us how those who disobeyed the prophets tasted the punishment of God and were humiliated. It contains verses which speak of the miracles of God and His power in this great universe.

The Quran tells us of the origins of human beings who are created from despised water (semen). It contains the basic principles of faith which must be embraced by every humble heart. It contains the rules and commands which tell us what is permissible and what is forbidden, and what is true and what is false; it tells us about the perfect way of life. It tells us of the Resurrection and the fate of human beings, either in the Fire or in the Paradise with its gardens, springs, plants, and places of security.

God, the Almighty, says in the Holy Quran, ʾʾSay: It is for those who believe, a guide and a healing. And as for those who disbelieve, there is heaviness (deafness) in their ears, and it (the Quran) is blindness for them. They are those who are called from a place far away (so they neither listen nor understand)ʾʾ [41:44]
ʾʾThose who disbelieve in the Reminder when it comes to them (are guilty), for indeed it is an Honourable Scripture. Falsehood cannot come at it from before it or behind it. (It is) a revelation from the Wise, the Owner of Praiseʾʾ. [41:41-42]
ʾʾPraise be to God Who has revealed the Scripture unto His slave, and has not placed therein any crookedness (but has made it) straight.ʾʾ [18:1-2]
ʾʾGod has (now) revealed the fairest of statements, a Scripture consistent....ʾʾ [39:23]
ʾʾWill they not then consider the Quran with care? If it had been from other than God they would have found therein much discrepancy.ʾʾ [4:82]

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